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Prosecution Details

Defendant ACK Proprietary Limited
Trading Name Not applicable
Regulation 3.17(1)(a)
Offence Date Friday, 31 March 2000
Description of Breach(es)

Being the person in charge of a workplace failed to ensure that the workplace was maintained in such clean condition as was necessary to avoid hazards to persons at the workplace.

Background Details

The defendant was constructing a two-storey nursing home in Joondalup.

On 31 May 2000 a WorkSafe Inspector arrived on site and observed building debris scattered under and between erected scaffolding, over access stairways, in passageways and adjacent to the scaffolding access ladders. The debris constituted a tripping hazard for workers at the site.

Similar debris had been noticed on two previous site visists. An improvement notice relating to site debris had been issued on one of those occasions.

The defendant pladed guilty.

Lead Image
Outcome Summary convicted
Conviction Date 20 Dec 2000
Court Joondalup Court of Petty Sessions
Fine $1,250
Costs $222.70
Charge Number 9671/00