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Prosecution Details

Defendant Brambles Australia Limited
Trading Name Stateside Hire
Regulation 1003(3)(b)
Offence Date Monday, 23 September 1996
Description of Breach(es)

Was the employer of persons who carried out prescribed work (scaffolding or rigging) and who did not hold a certificate of competency required by the National Standard.

Background Details

On 23 September 1996 two persons, were erecting a 1.5 metre high extension to a 6.7 metre high cantilever platform hoist by working from a platform when the platform dropped to the ground with them on it. One employee sustained two fractured ankles and required two pins in the right knee cap. The other employee sustained two fractured heels, a laceration to the left leg and a cut tendon to the middle finger of the left hand.

One worker positioned himself on the platform with the other worker operating the hoist motor. When the platform was fully raised a 10mm diameter chain was placed around the hoist tower and platform to support the platform. Once the platform was considered secure the wire hoist rope was made slack to enable an extension section to be fitted to the hoist. The hoist operator climbed the hoist to assist the other worker to install the extension section from the platform. The workers were in the process of positioning the 1.5 metre extension section when the platform dropped to the ground with both workers in the platform.

The method used to extend the hoist was not safe. Neither injured person was certificated to carry out this type of rigging work

Outcome Summary convicted
Conviction Date 30 Apr 1997
Court Fremantle Court of Petty Sessions
Fine $1,000
Costs Nil
Charge Number 12270/96