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Prosecution Details

Defendant Cooley's Cabinets Pty Ltd
Regulation 4.37(1)(b)
Offence Date Friday, 11 May 2001
Description of Breach(es)

Being an employer at a workplace, failed to provide measures to prevent, as far as was practicable, the use of plant, namely a spindle moulder, in a manner that could render that plant a hazard to a person at a workplace.

Background Details

The defendant operated a cabinet making business in Osborne Park.

On 11 May 2001, an employee was using a spindle moulder to cut out the centre panel in two wooden doors. The employee was required to place the door upside down on the worktable of the spindle moulder and against the fence. The blade would then cut out the centre panel.

The employee was using his hands to push the wooden door along the spindle moulder when the door started vibrating, kicked back and threw his left hand into the cutter. All fingers of the employee's left hand were injured, two were amputated.

It was practicable for the defendant to have installed with a power feeder. The power feeder pushes the wood along the spindle moulder without the need for the workers to place their hands on the wood.

The defendant pleaded guilty.

Outcome Summary convicted
Conviction Date 24 Oct 2002
Court Perth Court of Petty Sessions
Fine $1,000
Costs $297.70
Charge Number 36524/02