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Prosecution Details

Defendant R & D Nottle & Co
Trading Name Not Applicable
Regulation 4.37(1)(b) [2]
Offence Date 21 January 1997 [1]; and 6 January 1997 [2]
Description of Breach(es)

[1] Being the employer of persons at its workplace at Nebru Road, Three Springs, failed to forthwith notify the WorkSafe Western Australia Commissioner in the prescribed form, giving such particulars as are prescribed, of an accident occurring at the workplace which resulted in injury to its employee on 6 January 1997, of a kind prescribed in regulation 2.4, namely injuries to the lower abdomen and chest, which resulted in the employee being absent for 10 working days.

[2] Being an employer of persons at its workplace, failed to ensure that as far as practicable, measures were provided to prevent the use of the plant in a manner that could render the plant a hazard to any persons at the workplace.

Background Details

The injured person was involved in the preparation of feed for feedlots at the time of the accident. The feed was prepared by using a front end loader to place grain into a roller mill hopper. The roller mill was powered via the power take off from a tractor. The milled grain was transported via electric auger into a series of "bunkers".

Due to the variation in size of the grain to be milled, the rollers of the roller mill require adjustment to ensure the grain was milled sufficiently. This adjustment was made by using a spanner to move an adjusting bolt which governed the distance between the rollers. The employee was performing this adjustment at the time of the accident when the sleeve of his left arm caught on the protruding bolt causing him superficial grazing to his lower abdomen and tenderness to left side of his chest.

This accident was not reported to WorkSafe.

Plea of guilty was entered.

Outcome Summary convicted
Conviction Date 30 Sep 1997
Court Geraldton Court of Petty Sessions
Fine $300 [1] and $700 [2]
Costs $34.50 [1] and $34.50 [2]
Charge Number GN1690/97 [1] and GN1689/97 [2]